Jason Jones - "Unlikely Angel"

Jason Jones is a recent signee to Warner Brothers Nashville and "Unlikely Angel" is his debut single.  Does the song help Jason Jones separate himself from his fellow new artist peers or is it simply another case of a talented singer matched with a 'bad' song?

Every year new artists spring up from seemingly every corner of the country music world and while there are a plethora of people out there who think that country artists should still sound something like Ernest Tubb or Hank Williams or even Garth Brooks, music is evolutionary not sedentary and as such, that means that artists like Jason Jones get their chance to make a mark on the world.  While the melodies may have changed from basic two-step shuffle beats and steel guitar-soaked tear-jerkers to more pop-based production methods, the lyrics are what have and will always ground a song inside the Country music genre definition.  And while "Unlikely Angel," Jason Jones' debut country single, certainly has modern production, the lyrics do have 'what it takes' to remind people that this song couldn't be anything but a country song.

The lyrics of "Unlikely Angel," a song written by Cory Lee Barker, Anita Cox and Constance Mottle, certainly don't paint the woman who is the "Unlikely Angel" as a distinct character but rather they imply that this woman helped save the man from the 'deepest, darkest places' of his soul to become his 'saving grace.'  The lyrics, which Jason Jones delivers via his instantly likable vocal, are open enough to give listeners the ability to relate to the song in a plethora of ways. With the openness of the lyrics, anybody can take the lyrics and place them to their own lives because there probably isn't a person alive who doesn't have an 'unlikely angel' in their life, be it a mother, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a wife or just someone you know.  Inspiration and love can come from the strangest of places and that's what's at the heart of this song.

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