Brad Paisley Leads Country Stars on Charts

As to be expected, Brad Paisley scored Country music's highest chart debut this week with his latest album "American Saturday Night."  While country music experienced another solid week, How Did Tanya Tucker's "My Turn" fare this week?

As expected, Brad Paisley scored Country Music's highest debut with "American Saturday Night" although Lady Antebellum could partially claim that as their song "I Run To You" is part of the Chart-topping "Now 31" hits mix.  "Now" sold a remarkable 169,145 copies while Brad Paisley placed second, just ahead of Rob Thomas' "Cradlesong" with 129,527 compared with Thomas' 121,511 copies scanned.  Rounding out the Top 5 of the Nielsen SoundScan Hot 200 Albums chart are Wilco's self-titled album debuting 4th with 98,980 copies sold while Pop/rap fusion act Black Eyed Peas dropped from 1st to 5th as their month-old record "E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)" scanned another 69,935 units to give it more than 600,000 copies sold so far this year.

Taylor Swift may have slipped to #11 on the charts, only like the 3rd or 4th week the entire year that she's not been in the Top 10 on the SoundScan Hot 200 Albums chart, but Taylor's still managed to move 5% more albums than last week giving her album nearly 3.5 million copies sold.  The Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack continues to be 2009's biggest selling release so far (barely ahead of Eminem's "Relapse") with 1.2 million copies sold.  The soundtrack is the third highest "country" album on this week's chart and is followed on the charts by Zac Brown Band's "The Foundation" which is up 4 percent this week as well as it moves nearly another 25,000 copies to give Zac and co. a chance to break the 700,000 copies sold barrier next week.  Jason Aldean's three-month-old "Wide Open" continues to sell well and it was actually up 14 percent against last week's numbers to give Jason the 18th bestselling album of the week and it brings his total scanned to nearly 400,000 copies (the album is already "gold" since retail bought over 500,000 copies from Aldean and Broken Bow). 


LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
-- 2 Brad Paisley American Saturday Night 129,527 129,630
11 11 Taylor Swift Fearless 35,807 3,464,128
10 12 Hannah Montana Soundtrack 34,342 1,210,948
16 17 Zac Brown Band Foundation 24,840 680,737
19 18 Jason Aldean Wide Open 23,421 384,055

The next set of 5 albums on the charts are actually showcasing that country music continues to sell well and might just be the most healthy genre sales-wise as Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits II bows right after Aldean on the SoundScan Hot 200 chart with his record moving 3% more than last week and is nearing the 300,000 units sold mark, no small feat considering that Chesney only has one new single on that record.  Darius Rucker's album actually dropped 3 spots on the Hot 200 Albums chart but it actually sold 12% more than last week (likely due to a sale at Best Buy) and so "Learn To Live" has now moved over 3/4 a million records in its 10.5 months on the charts. Rascal Flatts' "Unstoppable" isn't moving as fast as it had in past weeks but the album has still scanned just over 840,000 copies in three months on the charts.  Lady Antebellum benefitted from the same Best Buy sale as Darius Rucker and moved nearly 17,000 more units and has now sold 673,500 units in 15 months on the charts.  Billy Currington's "People Are Crazy" is a hit and is helping his 10 week-old album sell 11,499 units last week, enough to sell 30% more units and bring the album to nearly 200,000 copies sold. 


LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
17 19 Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits II 22,865 280,863
21 24 Darius Rucker Learn To Live 19,323 753,624
20 27 Rascal Flatts Unstoppable 17,123 841,653
26 28 Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum 16,946 673,500
48 42 Billy Currington Little Bit of Everything 11,499 191,228

In the interesting section of the chart, Sugarland continues to move units with their nearly year-old record "Love On The Inside."  It's now moved 1,682,739 units while Keith Urban's "Defying Gravity" has now moved over 450,000 copies.  Randy Houser's "Anything Goes" continues to move up the charts and now has moved 79,000 units as the singer's "Boots On" compelled fans to give the album a 24% sales increase over last week (and a 41 spot jump on the Hot 200 chart).   Tanya Tucker's "My Turn," her new album on Saguaro Road Records, moved a disappointing 2,617 albums last week to garner a debut at 183 on the chart.  Country rapper Colt Ford continues to have a place on the charts with his grass-roots album "Ride Through The Country," a record without much if any airplay, hitting the Hot 200's 188th place on the charts and the Georgia-native's album has now sold 45,277 copies.


LW TW Artist Album Sales TW Sales Total
33 43 Sugarland Love On The Inside 11,158 1,682,739
34 47 Keith Urban Defying Gravity 10,063 452,360
172 131 Randy Houser Anything Goes 3,695 79,000
-- 183 Tanya Tucker My Turn 2,617 2,627
192 188 Colt Ford Ride Through The Country 2,538 45,277