Zona Jones - Prove Me Right

Zona Jones went from everyday lawyer to Texas country star with his first album "Harleys & Horses."  Does his follow-up album have enough to help him become a nationally-known star or will he remain in the lucrative Texas market?

Proving that there’s something about Beaumont, TX that creates country singers, Zona Jones follows in the grand tradition set by Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd and George Jones to release a country music record nationally.  Signed by Tracy Lawrence to Lawrence’s own Rocky Comfort Records label, Jones recorded 11 tracks and re-issued his most famous song to date, “Two Hearts” for his new record “Prove Me Right.” 

Written by hit songwriters Mark Nesler and Tony Martin with artist Aaron Tippin, “Could Not Stop Myself From Loving You” features a slightly rocky melody with loads of fiddle and steel guitars backing up Zona as he sings about all the things he could try to do to hide his feelings but no matter what he does, it still wouldn’t hide his true feelings.  With a shuffle beat that fits well in honky tonks, Zona Jones croons a melody that really recalls some of George Strait’s great tunes.  Written by Dave Brainard and Rob Hatch, the lyrics of "You Shoudl've Seen Her This Morning" (listen here) say stuff all guys wish they could say about their ladies, the everyday mundane things that go into the natural beauty of the woman they love.  While a hit on the ‘secondary’ country charts, the song failed to score anything but a cursory place on the Billboard charts.  Current single “Bluer Than Blue” is a 30 year old Randy Goodrum tune that was first made famous by Michael Johnson.  Like all great country vocalists, Zona has managed to tastefully sing and update a classic song and make it into something newer, younger fans can enjoy (while also getting those fans to check out the original). 

Fans of Mark Chesnutt will recognize “When You Love ‘Em Like Crazy,” a song Mark released in 2008 (and fared just about as well with) as “When You Love Her Like Crazy.”  Both artists are stellar vocalists so the songs are virtual carbon copies (with glorious steel guitar and fiddle fills everywhere) save for Zona’s “’Em” word inserted for the word “Her.”  If any song on this album is going to score with country radio it’s going to be the up-tempo, “Never Took My Eyes Off You.”  It’s cute, fun and slides inoffensively past your ears.  “Blame It On Mexico” is a track from the 1980s catalog of George Strait while the title track “Prove Me Right” could also find a home on country radio with its steady tempo and relatable lyrics (which Radney Foster co-wrote with Stephanie Delray).

The majority of these songs sound a bit like something that would’ve fit great on 90’s country radio, which exactly the charm of “Prove Me Right,”  It’s an album that recalls those fun carefree years and it can get your mind off of whatever problems may be on your mind at any given point in time.

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