Gretchen Wilson departs Columbia/Sony Nashville

Sony Nashville announced yesterday that Gretchen Wilson has departed from her long-time record label Columbia/Nashville. Now, a day later, she has annoucned intentions to open her own label and release "I Got Your Country Right Here" on it.

Sony Nashville announced today that Gretchen Wilson has departed from her long-time record label Columbia/Nashville.   According to a statement from the label, both parties look forward to working together on future catalog projects.  This news can't be much of a surprise to Gretchen's fans as Gretchen has met a cold shoulder at radio with many of her latest singles.  We had thought that "If I Could Do It All Again" (listen here) would be a song that would change her fortunes but It seems that both parties agreed to part ways amicably. 

With a completed album that Gretchen recently said was "the most me" of any album she had ever done, I imagine that Gretchen and her management team will buy the album from Sony and shop it to other major labels in town or simply release it on her own on her own.  Whatever happens in the future, you can be sure of one thing, the "Redneck Woman" will not be going away anytime soon, even if her songs don't receive much airplay.  Wilson announced today that she is indeed releasing the album on her own under her new label "Redneck Records."

Sony announced the split Tuesday, describing it as a mutual decision.

Wilson shot to fame with her 2004 smash "Redneck Woman." Her debut album, "Here For the Party," sold 5 million copies.

Her next two albums for Sony — 2005's "All Jacked Up" and 2007's "One of the Boys" — reached No. 1 but didn't sell nearly as well as her debut and produced only one Top 10 single between them.