Caitlin & Will - "Address In The Stars"

Can You Duet's first winners have finally come out with their proper radio debut single (they have a video for "Even Now") and all we can say  What an emotional song.  While Caitlin has delivered a stunning vocal, will radio warm up to this Reality TV winning duo?

Have you ever come across a picture of a departed loved one only to get choked up after looking at it?  Has that emotion dug up feelings that have you longing to talk to said person in the picture?  If so then "Address In The Stars" is a song that was seemingly written for you.  Everyone has experienced the loss of a loved one in their life so "Address In The Stars" is a song that speaks to the universal truth of human emotions. 

Written by Caitlin Lynn, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey, Hillary Lindsey and Performed by Caitlin & Will, the winners of Can You Duet's first season, "Address In The Stars" is the kind of song that seems tailor-made for not only radio but for an amazing music video.  Caitlin's vocals soar on this song and it's hard to see how fans of Trisha Yearwood and Carrie Underwood won't like this song as well for Caitlin Lynn has a magnificent voice.  Will provides harmony vocals on this track but does have a great voice of his own.

With a smashing debut single like "Address In The Stars," it looks as if Can You Duet's success at placing popular artists on country radio and video channels (with Joey + Rory and Kate & Kasey Coppolla already success stories).   While this song's a whopper of a country radio hit, it also has a sound that will cross-over nicely to AC radio stations.