Luke Bryan - "Do I?"

After two successful singles from his debut release "I'll Stay Me," Luke Bryan returns to the radiowaves with a tender ballad.  The first real ballad to get the radio treatmetn from Bryan, does the song have enough to keep listeners listening or is it just more of the same?

Luke Bryan built a solid foundation for his career with the hit singles "All My Friends Say" and "Country Man."  What Luke hasn't done yet is see a ballad rise up the charts the way that those two singles did so it is interesting to note that the fun-loving artist (at least in radio's eyes) has not only moved on from his debut album but he's also released a tender ballad about realizing the end of a relationship is near as Bryan asks her a plethora of questions that start with "Do I."  Luke's in fine voice throughout and he is definitely a wonderful addition to country radio but I cannot help but feel as if he's regressing a little to the middle of the pack with something that does please country radio but doesn't feel all that much different from a Jason Michael Carroll or Jason Aldean track.  In fact there are more than a few similarities to Aldean's hit "Why" that cannot be ignored.

So while I genuinely want to like this song, particularly when I know Bryan's such a capable singer and songwriter, I can't shake the feeling that "Do I" is nothing more than something that is catchy and ear pleasing enough to be a passive listener when it comes on the radio, and that's a big disappointment to me.

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