Trace Adkins - "All I Ask For Anymore"

Blessed with one of Country music's best voices, Trace Adkins nonetheless often has to release silly songs to radio in order to get airplay.  Thankfully this song isn't a silly song.  But will radio play it, particularly with its simple melody and lyric?

Trace Adkins has one of the best voices in country music.  With his strong baritone, Trace can turn the most pedestrian of tunes into something unique and worthy of praise.  While many figured Trace and his label, Capitol Nashville, would release "'Til The Last Shot's Fired" after the stunning performance on last month's ACM Awards broadcast, they're instead turning to this single, which was one of the songs listed on the front sticker of the CD when you purchase the album "X" (along with singles "Muddy Water" and "Marry For Money").  So, the fact that it's being released. 

Like "Last Shot," the song is a stunning ballad and it is about a man who treasures the simple things in life; nothing more-nothing less.  It's a song that finds a man praying for the health and safety of his family instead of stupid stuff like cars, money and things.  Trace's protagonist in the song isn't concerned with "Keeping up with the Joneses" or selfish persuits.  In our current economic climate, it's hard to find fault in the lyrics or sentiment of the song.  Add in understated prodction and what you've got here is a likely Top 10 hit single for Mr. Adkins.

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