Trent Tomlinson - "Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand"

With this song Trent Tomlinson simply tells the story of a man that is in every corner of every part of the country.  With a percussive melody backing interesting lyrics, this song might even become the sleeper hit of the summer. Do you agree?

Using a simple lyric that was written by Trent Tomlinson, Danny wells and Mark Kerr, "Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand" (listen here) tells the story of a man that is likely to be found in every town in every part of the country in some form or another.  With the catchy percussive melody, Tomlinson tells the world about the man who is firm on his end of work time and his convictions but as sundown approaches, the price of his products goes down.  This slice-of-life vignette has long been a staple of country music but as of late the charts have been inundated with other songs that have almost become stereotypical country radio fare.  The last popular single like this one was the Billy Currington hit "Good Directions."

While Trent Tomlinson's "That's How It Still Oughta Be" is a song that we thought (read review here) was going to be a big hit, there's really no reason that "Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand" will not be the hit to get Trent Tomlinson's sophomore album released by the fall, just about the time this single should be peaking in the Top 10 at country radio.