Whitney Duncan - "Skinny Dippin"

It is a crime that Whitney Duncan's last single "The Bed That You Made," which really recalled the best of Shania Twain, wasn't a hit.  While many labels would cut and run after two failed radio hits, WB Records continues to give Whitney a chance.  Will Radio finally notice her?

Sometimes, no check that, most of the time, it's hard to understand how some songs become hits while others have a hard time finding favor among radio personnel/fans.  I used to think that I had good enough ears to pick out songs that were no doubters, the kind of song that radio would have to play, no matter who was singing the song.  Somewhere along the way corporations tightened radio and instead of keeping people interested in giving people quality music or at least catchy, hit tunes from a wide variety of people, corporations were instead focusing on keeping their listeners long enough to stay for commercials instead of giving great radio.  So, with me still thinking that radio would give people like Whitney Duncan a shot, I reviewed her first two singles -"When I Said I would" and "The Bed That You Made")- and proclaimed that Whitney Duncan had that something special to stand out from the pack.  Sadly, radio disagreed but Warner Brothers Records Nashville obviously disagrees for they've released "Skinny Dippin'," a song Whitney first sang on Nashville Star a long while back, to radio and, like those two previously mentioned singles, the song feels like a hit.

Using an instantly memorable and melodic structure that recalls summery hits of the past, "Skinny Dippin'" is the perfect summertime single and while the lyrics are nothing remarkable, they are stronger than many current chart-topping 'summer' songs that are out right now and that should be enough to get Warner Brothers strong newcomer the hit she deserves.