Emily West - "That Kind of Happy"

Emily West had one of 2008's best singles with "Rocks In Your Shoes" and with "That Kind of Happy," the twentysomething vocalist not only comes out with her follow-up single but a song that actually might be an even better song with a great chance of being a hit.

Emily West has an effervescent personality, the kind of personality that has helped keep both Reba and Dolly Parton stars for years on end.  She has that kind of personality that makes you want to like her, even if you don’t necessarily like the music Emily is making.  Fortunately for her, Emily not only has made great music (check out her digital EP) but has some genuinely brilliant songs and “That Kind of Happy” is but another song in that direction. 

While some people might rally against the pop/rock style of production, they shouldn’t argue with the lyrics or melody as the song couldn’t be confused for anything other than a country song.  In fact, there was a time when Patty Loveless or Trisha Yearwood would’ve recorded a song like this and if I had to compare Emily West’s vocals to anybody, I think that she has the ability to rival miss Yearwood.  The lyrics basically are a cautionary tale about a girl who foolishly falls in love so quickly that she ends up sad more than one should be if they’re truly in love.   The melody suits the lyrics and in fact while the production is peppy, it doesn’t go too far into modern pop/rock mode as the guitar is actually more subdued than it could’ve been in the second verse and chorus. 

If radio doesn’t play the hell out of “That Kind of Happy” there is truly something wrong for Emily West is exactly the kind of singer that should be a star.  Along with her winning personality she actually has the talent to kick some of the other female artists currently scoring hits on the charts.  Here it is only the early part of spring yet I find myself with a song that could very well be my favorite single of the year.

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