The Parks - "As Long As You're Going My Way"

In the history of Country music there have been multiple groups and duos to feature family members but few have been father and son duos like The Parks.  Does this song, their debut single stand out from other new releases or will it blend in and go unnoticed?

Refreshing.  That's is the first thought that came to my mind while listening to this new song, The Parks debut single for Carolwood Records.  Featuring plenty of steel guitar in the mix (not just added in for 'color'), "As Long As You're Going My Way" mixes in a progressive pop/rock bass line, colorful organ notes and a driving lead guitar and kick drum-led melody with lyrics that find this father-son duo of Johnny and Clint Parks singing about a guy who doesn't want to do anything but spend the rest of his life with the one woman who makes his world better and brighter.  He proclaims that he'll do anything and go anywhere with her "As Long As You're Going My Way."

This song has an interesting lyric, relatable hook and a retro-yet-modern feel to the production.  Perhaps the best thing about "As Long As You're Going My Way" is that it won't ever be confused with trying to be a pop or southern rock song.  Here's hoping radio and fans like this song because the rest of this father-son duo's upcoming album is simply fantastic.