Phil Vassar - "Bobbi With an I"

Phil Vassar scored a big hit last year with "Love's A Beautiful Thing" and now he is back with this interesting song that chronicles the change in a dear friend.  There's nothing like "Bobbi With An I" on radio right now but will that help or hinder it from becoming a hit?

Depending on your opinion on the content of Phil Vassar's new single, you're either going to love it or hate it.  The catchiest song Phil's written since his early songwriter days, "Bobbi With I" is about Phil's life-long friend Bobby who has always been a guy's guy and built strong like a linebacker, yet one day Bobby comes to hang out with the guys dressed as Bobbi, in other words he's a cross-dresser or perhaps it's talking about Bobbi as a transgendered woman.  That part isn't really clear but where a song could've seen as backwoods, hate-mongering comes off as light, tongue-in-cheek fun.  In the end Phil colors his bewiderment with his friend's sudden lifestyle change with wit and humor. 

Now, just because the song is catchy, witty and outright fun, don't expect some radio stations to play it.  This will make it tough for Phil Vassar to score a Top 10 hit but there's no doubting that this will be his biggest hit since last year's "Love's A Beautiful Thing."