George Canyon - "All Or Nothing"

Since his appearance on the 2nd season of Nashville Star, George Canyon has become the second most successful artist to ever appear on the show as he has become a superstar in his native Canada.  Does this song sound a sgood as what's coming out of Nashville?

After scoring a record deal in the USA by placing second on the 2nd season of Nashville Star, George Canyon unfortunately didn't score any big USA hits.  He did, however, score many hits in Canada from his album "One Good Friend" and, by focusing on Canada, Canyon has become one of that country's biggest country stars.  His music isn't anything different than what you might hear on radio stateside (he actually recorded "Some People Change" before Montgomery Gentry and wrote "Quitters," a single from Collin Raye in 2008). In fact, his music could even be said to be a little more 'country' than quite a few of those songs currently taking up space on airwaves.

A perfect example of one of these songs is his current Canadian single "All Or Nothning."  It's a song that finds Canyon singing, over a twangy country-rock melody, about taking a chance on a relationship.  It's the kind of song that dominated radio airwaves before the current pop-leaning trend and it's a song that could and would do well. Unfortunately the liklihood of this song receiving airplay outside of Canadian border towns is low.  Still, that doesn't mean you can't go buy the album from Canadian websites or download his other music on iTunes (his current album "What I Do" is the only one not available).