The Latest Album Reviews - April 2009

Here's a rundown of all of this month's releases so far. Included are albums from Dale Watson, Johnny Reid, Bryan Clark, Adam Gregory, Daily & Vincent, Ramblin Jack Elliott andbig mainstream stuff from Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Martina McBride and Jason Aldean.

Here's a rundown of all of this month's releases so far. Included are albums from Dale Watson, Johnny Reid, Bryan Clark, Adam Gregory, The Grascals, Ramblin Jack Elliott andbig mainstream stuff from Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean.  You can check out any of the full album reviews by clicking the album covers below.

With mainstream Country music all but abandoning traditional country sounds for pop-leaning ditties, artists like Dale Watson are still fighting the good fight with their Traditional leaning music. How does this record hold up?


At age 77, folk icon Ramblin’ Jack Elliot’s "A Stranger Here" offers a collection of depression-era blues standards that range from traditional 12-bar blues to looser pieces sounding like a New Orleans Mardi Gras with dark lyrics.


Currently the biggest country star in all of Canada, Johnny Reid has put together a string of memorable performances and singles and sold-out concert dates.   "Dance With Me" is his new album.  Will it help make him a bigger star?


With the release of this ambitious two-disc set, Bryan Clark has managed to cover multiple facets of Roots (or Americana) music in a unique way that shows off his vocal, songwriting and instrumental abilities.


With the success of "Crazy Days" and "What It Takes," both Top 10 hits in Canada, Adam Gregory has released this record in his native country.  Does the album have enough hits on it to get a stateside release?


With a loyal fan base to support him, Scott Miller has recently stepped outside the traditional label release model to record and release "For Crying Out Loud."  Does the album touch on multiple styles of American Music? Let's find out.


With the release of this album, Billy Ray Cyrus is hoping that fans of both him and his daughter Miley will find something they can enjoy to the hilt.  Does the album end up working or does it feel as if it's simply riding on Miley's coattails?


Fans have come to expect Rascal Flatts to deliver a certain sound with their albums and with their sixth new release (8th overall) the trio has done just that but does the record have enough to win the group even more fans?


It's been four years since Jason Aldean first appeared on the Country scene and in those four years, he's sold nearly two million albums and scored 6 radio hits. Will "Wide Open" continue his forward momentum or has he already peaked?


It’s America, not rocket science.  Rodney Atkins’s third studio album, It’s America, is rife with the kind of relentlessly upbeat everyman tunes that made the last album a huge success. But will that success continue here?


With his career remaining in high-gear, Keith Urban returns with this highly anticipated release. How does it stack against current releases?  Does the album match, surpsass or fall short to the guitarist's stellar past catalog of albums?


Caitlin & Will have just released their debut radio single and what better way to celebrate its success on the charts than to release a six-song EP that should give their fans from Can You Duet something to listen to while awating the full CD.


The popularity of digital retail outlets like iTunes and has leveled the playing field for indie artists and it has allowed many artists to follow their dreams.  Here's an artist with a solid voice and even stronger songs.


What this album proves is that country music has a wide array of artists working in the genre.  "The Stars Are Out" runs through rootsy sounds of music of yesterday and today with equal amounts of sinserity.


How does a duo follow-up a critically acclaimed and successful debut album? If that duo is Dailey & Vincent they record an album just like this one and release it so that they can reap even more accolades and success. 


With a style that combines the 'grit' of the Outlaw era with modern lyrics, Eric Church has managed to score with audiences without much radio success. Will this album change his fortunes or is it more of the same?


While she's never had much of a 'stalled' career, The choice of switching producers for the first time in a 10 album career seemed to indicate that Martina felt that way. So with Dann Huff co-producing, does "Shine" rival Martina's greatest?


With a finely crafted personality from his days in Big & Rich, there probably are expectations that this album will be like his past duo stuff.  Those expectations should be placed in the back seat for what is presented here is far different.


With 36 tracks over the course of two discs, Randy Travis' "I Told You So: The Ultimate Hits of Randy Travis" has more than any fan could ask for in a two-disc compilation of his hits.  But does the album have all of Randy's hits?


Wille Nelson has been recording music for nearly 50 years and in that time he's had his music packaged and re-packaged numerous times but never has it sounded better than it does here.  What makes this so good?