Dean Brody - Brothers

Dean Brody is the first new artist to be promoted by Broken Bow in the wake of Craig Morgan's departure.  Will the label be able to give Brody the same kind of promotional muscle?  Does Brody have the songs to deserve that kind of radio promotion? Is "Brothers" that song?

When I originally reviewed this single in October 2008, I must’ve been in a bad mood.  Because upon listening to a higher quality recording of “Brothers," I actually can’t understand where I came up with calling the lyrics of “Brothers” “contrived.”  Listening back to the song, I now realize that the lyrics were meant to be written from a younger brother who is hoping beyond hope that his brother returns from war without much harm done from protecting his country’s freedom so with that context, the somewhat clumsy lyric of "I wrote him every night, I miss your pillow fights" actually makes sense.

This is a well-written story song by any measure and it's heartening to see such a song score (currently Top 30) with radio, particularly when the current radio climate doesn’t exactly clamor to play story songs, particularly ones from an unknown artist.  Listening to the song it is easy to see why so many people are excited for Brody’s debut album to be released in April.