Chris Young - "Gettin' You Home (Black Dress Song)"

Despite not having a big hit on radio, Chris Young has had the luxury of staying with RCA Records in a time when labels aren't exactly known for sticking with an artist who already released an unsuccessful album.  Will the label's loyalty pay off with this single?

Last year James Otto had the year's smoldering, sexy "Just Got Started Lovin' You" and that song not only was his break-through hit but it also was 2008's most-played single.  Now while I won't go as far as to say Chris Young's "Getting You Home" will be 2009's most played single but it sure does feel like a big smash hit single.  It is smoldering, sexy and just plain damn good.  The melody harkens back to classic George Strait songs while Young's strong baritone deliver words that will melt any woman's heart. 

Why Chris Young isn't a star vocalist yet is beyond me as he's consistently delivered great singles since winning Nashville Star nearly four years ago. RCA Records has shown remarkable patience in trying to break Young into a superstar act, something that hasn't happened in recent years.  It's refreshing to see a label stick behind one of their talented artists, even after their debut album failed to not only score a hit single but it didn't sell as well as the label hoped.  In fact, one would've guessed that the goodwill earned by Young while on Nashville star would've faded by now at the label, particularly after "Voices" stalled on the charts.  Still, RCA has released "Getting You Home" to radio and I'm particularly happy they have because it's one of the best singles released to radio so far this year.