One Flew South - "Life"

One Flew South didn't score a huge hit with their first single "My Kind Of Beautiful," but the talented vocal trio certainly maintained a Top 50 presense on the charts for three or four months.  Will this song, their new single from their CD "Last Of The Good Guys," be a bigger hit?

The second single from One Flew South’s debut album is a happy-go-lucky 4-minute pop country blitz featuring carefully crafted melodies that echo the vocal harmonies of the 1970s. Opening with a pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitars quickly ring before the listener is served a tale of being helplessly in love with someone thought only to be a friend. The real standout here are the intricate and precisely delivered vocal harmonies that soar throughout the chorus. The sound is more reminiscent of the Eagles than Hank, but the tune is catchy, upbeat and fun.