Carrie Underwood (Featuring Randy Travis) - "I Told You So"

Carrie Underowod has long admired Randy Travis and after releasing "I Told You So" as a single to radio, she and Randy have released this version, their duet of the song Travis wrote and took to the top of the charts in 1987.  They'll sing it on American Idol too.

Randy Travis wrote this song and invited Carrie Underwood to the Grand Ole Opry before she performed this 1980's classic ballad.  Ever since it was released as a single fans were wondering when a duet would become available for radio to play and fans to own and now is that time.  With this single rising up the charts from Underwood alone, the song sure feels like it has the hallmark of something that will become an award winning song. 

While people have claimed that Underwood is nothing more than a pop singer masquerading as a country singer, this single certainly showed that she was more than that, with its heartbreakingly honest lyrics and steel-guitar laced melody.  Travis, for his part, sounds very comfortable singing next to Miss Underwood and if this is what it takes to get a classic voice like his on the charts and in the hearts of another generation of country music fans, I'm all for it.  There's no way that this single isn't beneficial to both artists.

Randy Travis, who is the March 17, 2009 mentor on American Idol's "Grand Ole Opry Week," will sing this song with Underwood for the first time on March 18, 2009's "Idol results show." 

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