Caitlin & Will - Digital EP

Caitlin & Will have just released their debut radio single and what better way to celebrate its success on the charts than to release a six-song EP that should give their fans from Can You Duet something to listen to while awating the full CD.

Nearly a year after winning the first season of CMT’s “Can You Duet,” Caitlin Lynn & Will Snyder have finally released more than their coronation single “Even Now” to the masses.  While this six song EP isn’t the full-fledged album (that’s scheduled for release later in the year), fans of the show will nonetheless be happy to hear what the talented vocal duo has to offer.  Written by Casey Beathard and Karyn Rochelle, “Even Now” packs a wallop of an emotional punch as a couple realizes that fighting and cheating and ‘getting even’ doesn’t always work out the way our torn hearts want it to.  

“Dark Horse” is the first song on this 6 song EP that was written by Caitlin and Will and Producer Chris Lindsey and Aimee Mayo with a driving bass line and kick drum and banjo leading the way the duo shows off a song that really reminds me of something you might find on a Keith Urban singer.  Will, who plays lead guitar when the duo tours, shows off his chops here while the duo’s harmonizing really comes off really well.  The song also seems to fit the story of the duo as they were paired together by the Judges after leaving their original duet partners.  While not originally intended to be the duos first single at country radio, “Address In The Stars” was getting played by radio programmers and after one listen to the song, it is easy to see why.  Anyone who’s lost a loved one will certainly relate to emotional ballad.  It recalls something that Carrie Underwood might record but given that it’s written by Caitlin (and Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey and Hillary Lindsey) about an experience ripped from her own life, I doubt that anybody could sing the song quite the way Caitlin does.  While the production will seem overwrought to some, it actually suits the emotion of us when we lose those ones we loved the most.  

Previously recorded by Columbia Records label mates Montgomery Gentry, “Your Tears Are Coming” is a raucous, roadhouse kiss-off anthem of ample proportions.  Written by Jeffrey Steele and Tom Hambridge, the song suits the wild side of Will and really, the song suits his own voice better than it does that of the Montgomery Gentry team.  With six songs, Caitlin & Will have proven that the judges were right to crown this impressive duo as their first champions.   Here’s hoping that the duo’s remaining songs from their full-length album are as strong or even stronger as this set.