Billy Currington - "People Are Crazy"

Very few male vocalists have the kind of voice that sounds right at home singing tradtional country songs and Billy Currington is one of them.  With songs like this one and "Good Directions" he certainly keeps the traditional flame alive but will fans graivate to it like we do?

While I was initially a little lukewarm to Billy Currington's latest album "Little Bit of Everything," I have grown to appreciate the variety of sounds on the record, particularly this song, his latest single.  Written by legendary songwriter Bobby Braddock and Troy Jones, “People Are Crazy” is the follow-up to #1 single "Don't."  Light-years away stylistically and lyrically, "People Are Crazy" tells the story of an old man and a young man shootin' the breeze one night at a bar.  While they never meet again, the old man leaves a lasting impact on the young man's life.

This song uses a simple, ear pleasing melody to back up the simple story-telling lyric. It goes a long way into proving just what is great about country music: the stories and simple, effective melodies.  The bass line is traditional country two step while the steel guitar is always audible and Currington's vocals are spot on.  While he's able to sing virtually any kind of music, his flexible baritone sounds perfect when paired with a song like "People Are Crazy." Country fans who loved "Good Directions" should enjoy "People Are Crazy" and it is songs like this that give traditionalists hope for their beloved genre.

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