Caitlin & Will - "Even Now"

Caitlin & Will were paired together by the judges of CMT's "Can You Duet." They went from long-shots to the winners of the whole show. "Even Now" is their first single. Is it any good?

More often than not the pairing of strangers together, with the hopes of forming a musical duo, often leads to nowhere but when it's right, it turns out to be a musical match made in heaven. Hoping to follow in the trail of Brooks & Dunn, Caitlin & Will both made the CMT show "Can You Duet" without the partners that they started with. Like Brooks & Dunn, Caitlin & Will were brought together at the hands of other people (Can You Duet's judges in this case) and wowed the producers and judges of the show enough to win the competition. Months after the competition has been completed Caitlin & Will have released their first single for Columbia Nashville.

Written by Casey Beathard and Karyn Rochelle, "Even Now" is a song that plays on the vindictive 'get even' mentality that will crop up from time to time through the course of a relationship. People often do stupid things without thinking much and that's what is at the root of this song. Both Will and Caitlin take turns at singing the verses of the song and then blend their soulful voices together on the chorus. Caitlin has a strong, powerful voice that at times recalls Carrie Underwood while Will has a voice that recalls Tim McGraw with more range. Separately the two wouldn't stand out too much from the pack but together they make for a dynamic vocal duo. This single has enough to stand out at country radio while their talent promises that their debut album, which will be previewed by a digital EP in March, will be one to look out for.

The single is available now on iTunes.