Todd Fritsch - "Texas Talkin'"

Warning: Tradtional country music ahead.  With Todd Fritsch having secured a successful regional career, he continues to turn out solid traditional songs (with steel guitar solos no less) that should please many people but will radio give this fine

A working rancher, Todd Fritsch also represents the kind of country artist you're unlikely to hear on most corporate country radio stations.  For one his songs feature an ample amount of steel guitar and his song also feature traditional country melodies that are often lost amongst the new wave of pop and southern-rock influenced artists.  Take one listen (Click Here) to "Texas Talkin'," Fritsch's latest single sent to country radio and you'll immediatly understand what I'm talking about. 

In the song, written by John Ramey and Tony Colton, Fritsch sings to a girl he likes about the way he was raised and how the way he talks is all wrapped up in being from Texas: 

"That's just Texas Talkin way down home, Dallas-Fort Worth to San Antone, that's just Texas Talkin' How I's raised, that's just Texas Talkin'."

In the southern part of the country and in secondary radio markets (where Music Row's "Country Breakout" chart collects data), This shuffling ballad might just be a Top 20 or Top 10 hit but it'll still go largely unnoticed in the larger markets and that's the biggest shame for this single and Todd Fritsch for while they'll gain some marginal success, it will be hard to achieve larger national success due to how real and traditional country Todd Fritsch's music is and if you look back at their catalogs.