Zac Brown Band - "Whatever It Is"

Following up a hugely successful single is hard to do, just ask Heartland or Billy Ray Cyrus.  The band can be forever linked to that song.  Zac Brown Band might have just the song that shows a different side of their talent.  Will this different song be accepted by radio?

After a remarkable chart run of over 30 weeks, Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried" certainly defied most, if not all, odds against it to become one of the truly memorable singles of 2008. With such a memorable introduction still fully on the collective consciousness of fans and radio alike, the follow-up single could help raise the band's status or the song could find Zac and friends quickly on their way to one hit wonder status. If people have listened to "The Foundation," they'd instantly know that this band won't become the next Heartland, a band who hit big in 2006 with their debut single and haven't had a hit since (despite trying really hard to do so). Why will radio and fans continue to like the Zac Brown Band? It's simple: They aren't some bar band that got lucky. They've been working and touring in the southeast for quite a while and frontman Zac Brown has the charisma in both his personality and his vocals (not to mention his guitar playing) while the rest of the band are some of the most talented musicians currently working in a band.

With Chicken Fried, the guys showed they could 'party,' with their follow-up, they show they can get 'serious' with "Whatever It Is," a fiddle-drenched, acoustic-based ballad about a guy who never had the desire to be in a relationship until he met his special woman. The lyrics never come off as sounding forced and Brown's honey-soaked tenor simply sings the verses and the band harmonizes nicely behind Zac when the chorus hits. While the band has plenty of party songs on "The Foundation" they might just have picked the perfect follow-up song to help ensure that country radio has a truly talented band (that plays their music) on the charts and in the hearts of fans and critics alike. This single probably won't be a #1 hit for the band but I don't see how it isn't another Top 10 hit for them.

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