Nashville Star's Brent Keith Spotted On American Idol

As a contestant on the 2nd season of "Nashville Star," Brent Keith went through the reality show ringer.  Now four years older and much more experienced, Keith (now going by Brent Keith Smith) is going to be on American Idol as he made it through to the Hollywood round.&a

Brent Keith was on the 2nd season of Nashville Star and as recently as 2007 had a minor label record deal in which he released a video and single from the CMT film "Dale."  Now, as a former reality TV show contestant and having been signed to a record deal, this question has to be asked; should Brent Keith Smith (as he was called on the show today) be allowed on the show? Isn't he some sort of 'ringer?'  The answer to both questions is yes, just like Carly Smithson (Carly Hennessy) last year.  The reason he should be allowed to continue? The rules of the show allow for people to have experience and don't require people to be amateurs.  He'll likely sail through the Hollywood rounds of American Idol and be with the Top 50 when live shows start.  Rumors around the internet (mostly "Vote For The Worst") say that other American Idol contestants will be coming from Nashville Star. 

Whether those rumors are true or not, the fact that this country-pop singing guy will likely end up with a major label record deal after this show is over. You can watch the video he recorded for the theme song from dale here: "Looking For A Road."