Top 40 Singles of 2008: Trisha Yearwood - They Call It Fallin' For A Reason (#35)

The stocking are being hung while the houses are being decorated to celebrate the holidays to end the year.  In celebration of the closing of another year, Roughstock's editors have selected their favorite singles.  Here's our 35th favorite single.

The stockings are being hung and the trees and houses are being decorated to celebrate the yuletide season while the end of the year fast approaches.  In celebration of the best singles released to radio in 2008, Roughstock's editorial team has selected their 40 favorite songs.  Here's Number 35.

Trisha Yearwood's "Heaven Heartache and the Power of Love" was one of last year's best albums so it's only natural that Roughstock would select her up-tempo "They Call It Fallin' For A Reason."  The lyrics were a natural for her, given her relationship with Garth Brooks and how hard she fell in love with him.  Like always, producer Garth Fundis' production works to Yearwood's vocal strengths while the music never drowns her out.  It's the kind of song that only gets better with repeated listening’s which is what gains it's inclusion on this list.