Top 40 Singles of 2008: Emily West - Rocks In Your Shoes (#33)

Emily West quietly released a 4-song EP on iTunes in late 2007 and then released this song in early 2008.  While it barely made the Top 40 at country radio, It still impressed us.  That's enough to make this single land the thirty-third spot on our year-end countdown.

The year has almost ended so over the course of the last month or so of the year Roughstock will celebrate some of the year’s best singles.  Chosen by our editorial staff, these songs rank as our favorite singles of the year.  Here's the 33rd best single of the year,  "Rocks In Your Shoes" from Emily West.

When this song arrived on my desk earlier this year I couldn't believe what I heard.  Here was a talented vocalist delivering an up-tempo track that finds West confidently proclaiming that one mustn't get down too much because 'puttin’ your time in' and 'payin' your dues' are only parts of life's journey and before you can 'run' you have to be able to 'learn to walk with rocks in your shoes.'  It's a chorus that makes sense and is delivered with charming vocal spurting with personality.  In a genre that can easily fall into same-sounding boringness, it's great to know labels are still signing artists like Emily West.  Here's hoping that she releases a great single or two (and her debut album) in 2009.