Top 40 Singles of 2008: Joey + Rory - "Cheater Cheater" (#28)

Coming virtually out of nowhere with a compelling, made-for-TV love story, Joey + Rory have proven that talent rises to the top.  All of this happened to a couple that wasn't even a recording duo prior to 2008.  They end the year with our 28th favorite single.

This past year has seen an influx of exciting new talent to the country music genre and one of the most exciting things to happen in 2008 was the quick rise of Joey Martin and Rory Feek, better known as Joey + Rory.  With their appearance on CMT's "Can You Duet" show, the duo, which finished 3rd, brought true love and passion for each other and what they do to the Audiences worldwide. took notice and offered the duo a few commercial spots while the duo also recorded their debut album for Vanguard/Sugar Hill Records.  Their first single released to radio, "Cheater Cheater" has defied expectations and found the couple inside of Country music's Top 40 chart. 

A traditional-minded track with absolutely stunning, mandolin, acoustic guitar, fiddle fills and Dobro leading the way behind an honest, true-to-life-lyric that sounds a lot more realistic than "Before He Cheats" does.  Joey's voice is as pure country as they come and while Rory is in the background here, it's his sharp songwriting that guides the duos songs.  It all adds up to this song being worthy of being one of 2008's best singles and it's certainly one of the year's finest singles from a new artist and it comes from one of the years most consistent albums, "The Life Of a Song." Not bad for a duo that didn't perform as an actual duo prior to 2008.

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