Top 40 Singles of 2008: Dolly Parton - "Better Get To Livin'" (#25)

Dolly Parton is a national treasure and one of the true living legends of country music.  Dolly recorded a great new album in 2008 and here's one of the album's best songs and it also happens to be Roughstock's 25th most favorite single of the year. 

Dolly Parton is a national treasure.  She’s been making records for forty-five years and for most of that time Dolly has written a majority of her own singles.  She’s the writer of arguably the most well-known power ballad in history in “I Will Always Love You” and has written some of the sharpest songs in country music history.   Given that history you’d expect country radio to enjoy her most recent work. Well, you’d be wrong.  Despite radio’s reluctance to play one of country’s true icons, Dolly still managed to make one of the year’s most pleasant surprises in “Backwoods Barbie.” 

It’s a record that opens up with the lead single “Better Get To Livin’” the kind of inspirational song that radio typically eats up.  All I can say about this song is that it is so sharply written and features a lot of ‘yeah, she’s right’ moments that it’s hard to see how radio programmers passed over it.  Dolly sounds as good (if not better) than ever and the song is just so damn catchy.  Perhaps a younger artist like Reba will record it and turn this track into a hit.  It’s too good not to get noticed for what it is, one of 2008’s best singles.