Top 40 Singles of 2008: One Flew South - "My Kind Of Beautiful" (#24)

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Decca Records' One Flew South released this song as their debut single earlier in the year.  While barely a Top 50 single, this song still was Rougshtock's 24th most favorite singles of 2008.  

In the beginning of the year I learned of a new band being produced by songwriter Marcus Hummon.  As a longtime admirer of Marcus' music, I was instantly intrigued.  When I first heard that One Flew South had covered Andy Griggs' "My Kind of Beautiful" I was even more intrigued.  As soon as the single was available for purchase, the song was on my iTunes account.  I was thoroughly impressed with what I had heard and perhaps what impressed me the most was how they turned a country rocker into something that resembled Crosby, Stills & Nash while retaining a mainstream country undercurrent.

Written by Griggs, Hummon and another of my favorite songwriters Darrell Scott, the song discusses how a woman makes the male narrator feel when she's around him.  She may not be everyone's definition of perfect or beautiful but she's all that he needs in his life and he simply says "If I'm Dreamin' please don't wake me up."  While the lyrics aren't especially deep and could actually border on silly, the melody is driven by acoustic guitars, banjos, and the Dobro while Royal Reed, Chris Roberts and Eddie Bush's harmony vocals elevate an already good song to one of the years best.  Want to know the scariest thing about this song? It's not even the best song on the trio's debut album "Last of the Good Guys."  So while there are better songs on their album, it's still one of 2008's best and most rewarding singles of the year.