Top 40 Singles of 2008: Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This (# 14)

For every silly song he sings, Trace Adkins often records two or more more serious or 'down the middle' songs like this single.  These singles allow Adkins to showcase his stellar baritone voice while singing lyrics that hit home.  That combo makes this one of 2008's bes

“You’re Gonna Miss This” was released by Adkins in late December 2007 as part of his second greatest hits package. In April 2008, the single hit number one on the country charts and became the fastest rising single of Adkins’ career. The Country Music Association (CMA) nominated the song for the 2008 “Single of the Year,” and the track made it possible for Adkins to smoothly transition from the overdone pop of songs like “Swing” to the more traditional offerings of his current album "X."

In the song, Adkins sings of a young woman who’s continually looking for something better without noticing the blessings surrounding her everyday. “You’re gonna miss this/You’re gonna want this back” Adkins sings in response to different events in her life that seem less than perfect. And though the musical elements here are rather simple, the song succeeds on the strength of Adkins’ voice. His baritone is confident and smooth. Adkins is a born storyteller and his presentation unfolds like a good book. The “loud part” (the chorus) is not over sung but instead given the right amount of emphasis with a dash of restraint. Adkins’ voice is comfortable and welcomes the listener to stop by for a moment and listen to the story – and isn’t that what good country music is all about?