Top 40 Singles of 2008: George Strait - "I Saw God Today" (#8)

Released as the debut single for his new "Troubadour" album, this song became King George's latest chart-topping hit.  The song, which speaks about God's omnipresence, also stood out as one of 2008's 10 greatest radio singles.

George Strait has been recording hit songs since 1981.  Think about that for a moment. Most music artists come and go within a one to two year span yet here is George Strait still around and recording music 27 years later.  Not only is the man stll around but he's arguably the biggest radio star any genre of music has seen as he's had numerous Top 10 hits and over 56 #1 hits, more than any other artist.  So it shouldn't come as any surprise that Roughstock selected one of his singles as one of 2008's Best singles of 2008. 

While Strait may be better known for honky-tonk music than religious-themed songs, some of that perception changed when he released the single “You’ll Be There”, a song about what happens after life. "I Saw God Today" reminds listeners that God is ever-present, and there are always signs of if, like when a child is born. The lyrics are just stunning… “His fingerprints are everywhere,   I just slow down to stop and stare.” It’s no wonder that experiences like these are proof of the almighty. Strait’s direct, no-nonsense approach to songs like these tell us exactly why he’s had the staying power since the early 1980’s.