Top 40 Singles of 2008: Brad Paisley - "Letter To Me" (#7)

One of country music's most consistent music makers since 1999, Brad Paisley has recently earned a reputation for writing and recording humorous songs like "Ticks." Lost in the sillyness is the fact that he can sing a serious tune too, like this song here.

With us well-into the Top 10 Singles here at Roughstock, we now are presenting the best of the best that (mostly) mainstream Country music had to offer, while some would argue that mainstream country had nothing noteworthy to offer this year, our list has proven otherwise.  This all brings us to the seventh-best single of the year; Brad Paisley's "Letter To Me." 

Hailed as one of the torchbearers of traditional country melodies and values, Brad Paisley has recently strung a string of hits from humorous songs like "Ticks" and "Online" yet his career was made on a mix of those songs and heart-felt sentimental tracks like "He Didn't Have To Be." While the sentimental songs have sort of taken a backseat, they've always been present on his albums and recently Brad released one of his best songs to date. He has always been an outstanding songwriter, but "Letter To Me" might be the most interesting and introspective and interesting.  The West Virginia native steps back in time to write the song as a letter to the 17-year-old version of himself, an idea he got from his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley.  It’s a heartwarming tune about growing up and the reassurance that, despite some missteps and hardships along the way, it’s all going to be OK, and Paisley has that special ability to take a good song and turn it into a great one.

Want to see the lyrics?  Here's a link to the song in Roughsock's COWPIE database.

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