Martina McBride - Ride

It's been about five months since her last single was on the charts yet due to recurrent airplay, Martina has had the luxury to work on her upcoming album without worrying about a single.   Just released to radio, "Ride" certainly represents a change of pace with radio.  Is it enough to be a hit?

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a Martina McBride single as much as I've enjoyed her new single "Ride."  With a progressive, rock-based melody, Martina has certainly come back with the right song to get her noticed.  As was mentioned elsewhere, she doesn't hammer home the fact that she still has a powerful voice, rather she's done what I wish other vocally gifted singers would do; Use that range to enhance the song instead of detracting from it.  It's something that will also allow for Martina to sing this song later in her set not only to break up her numerous ballads but to give her voice a much-needed rest from the belters.

There's no doubting what will happen with this single.  Martina will quickly "ride" up the charts with the song and will probably name her next CD after the lyrically philosophical track.  This is one single that's highly recommended.