Barry Manilow & Reba - Islands In The Stream

With a successful string of nostalgical albums, Barry Manilow has given longtime fans something to cheer for or to remember his Vegas shows by.  All that's fine and well but is it enough to think that this song could be a hit on the country charts because it has Reba on it?

Why is Barry Manilow releasing a paint-by-numbers remake of "Islands In The Stream" to country radio?  Because it has Reba!  I guess.  The performances by both Barry and Reba sound fine but it's not as if they sound passionate here.  It will make you long for Dolly and Kenny.  While the song was a huge hit in the early 1980's, it sounds extremely dated compared to other country songs.  Sure, the single and subsequent album with other 80's songs on it, due later this month, will please his fans but that's about it.  I'd be outright shocked if this song got more than a few morning zoo plays and became a bonafide hit and I can't but feel like I've been Rick-rolled with the appearance of this single to country radio.