Keith Urban - Sweet Thing

With start status firmly cemented, Keith Urban's back at radio with his latest single, the catchy "Sweet Thing." While ear-pleasing, will people still want to hear it on a country radio station?

By now Keith Urban has created his own little segment in the country music world so anyone expecting a traditional song from Keith Urban shouldn't be seriously disappointed as "Sweet Thing," the first single from the new father's upcoming album, finds the master guitarist in complete crossover-pop rock mode.  The melody is anthem-worthy, the vocal is right in that groove that has made Urban a contemporary country giant.  The lyric, about a guy who's very happy to be where he is in life with his 'sweet thing,' the love of his life, by his side.  The fact that he's delivered a hooky, memorable pop song with tempo during country's traditional 'ballad' time is nothing more than a guaranteed move to get this catchy track immediate airplay and adds at radio.  

So while Keith Urban may actually be more of a pop/rock star 'stuck' in contemporary country, his music is still undeniably catchy and just plain good stuff.  There's no way that this song isn't a Top 10 hit for him and it has a very strong chance of being a Number one record.