Jessica Andrews - Everything

Jessica Andrews came out eight years ago as a teenager with then new label DreamWorks Nashville, Jess returns to the charts with a song written by her long-time boyfriend Marcel.  Will the song be the big comeback single the talented 24 year old woman deserves to have?

When Jessica Andrews was announced as the first artist for the new label Carolwood Records, it certainly made sense on many levels.  One, radio is familiar with her.  Two, she’s got a somewhat established fanbase.  Three, she’s got one hell of a voice.  Four, Lyric Street did a similar thing with Lari White.  All that’s fine and good but what about the single, you say?  Well, quite simply, Jessica’s use of the past few years off writing and just living has been good for her and her voice.

While firmly on the pop side of the country music fence, “Everything” is the kind of song that country fans will eat up.  It reminds me of a Faith Hill song and Marcel’s lyrics are strong and pretty much were written about Jessica (who is engaged to him).  This is the kind of song that will not please old-time country fans but it will certainly get Jessica on the radio.  Even if the lyrics are a bit cliché, they’re still universal truths to anyone who has been or is in love.  The person you are with is ‘everything’ to you.  That’s what this song says and with solid production from Jay Demarcus (who produced a couple of tracks for James Otto and Chicago) this one’s a big ole hit.