John Rich - Another You

2008 turned out to be the year that John Rich gained high exposure through his "Gone Country" shows and by being one of the judges of Nashville Star. This single is his first with Warner Brothers as a solo artist.  Will this romantic song be a hit or will radio go 'eh' and move on?

After announcing that 2008 would be the year that John Rich released a solo single and album, he basically didn't do much aside from his CMT "Gone Country" show and being a judge on Nashville Star.  "Another You" is the first single from the Muzik Mafia co-founder and what a big old power ballad it is.  If Emerson Drive's "Belongs To You" sounded like a sure-fire wedding hit, "Another You" tops it.  By a lot.  Quite simply, this is one of those no-brainer types of songs that will not only be a big hit on the country charts but it will be a song that crosses genre lines and becomes a smash Adult Contemporary radio hit.  It has the sound of John's first album "Underneath The Same Moon" mixed in with a little "Lost In This Moment" from the last Big & Rich record.  If John wanted a song that would get people's attention, "Another You" is certainly the song to do it.