Brandon Jenkins - Faster Than A Stone

Oklahoma native Brandon Jenkins may have made a name for himself writing songs for fellow Red Dirt artists like Bleu Edmondson (“Finger on the Trigger”) and Stoney LaRue (“Down in Flames”), but he proves to be a pretty strong performer in his own right.
Jenkins wrote all 10 songs on his sophomore album, a versatile collection of songs that makes strong use of Jenkins’ baritone voice.
He starts off with the hard rocking title track and then turns in some exceptional performances on bluesy tunes like “Damn Your Eyes”, “Never Any Doubt” and “Just Like California”. He’s able to combine blues and gospel on “Help Me Jesus” and recalls late 80’s power ballads with “Got To Be”. The pessimistic “Probably Die Alone” could have been written from the same desperate perspective of the character in the Jenkins-penned “Finger on the Trigger”. The self-reflective “I Never Figured It Out” has a warm acoustic sound while “Big Mama’s Kitchen” has a down home country-feel that would make just about anybody want to head down to the local diner for biscuits and gravy.