Is Randy Houser Your Kind of Country: Fan Reviews

A few weeks ago Roughstock offered some fans the chance to listen to Randy Houser’s debut CD “Anything Goes” before they could buy it.  What would the fans have to say about it?  

A few weeks ago, Roughstock offered fans the chance to win Randy Houser’s “Anything Goes” album before they could buy it.  They had the chance to hear this album before most other fans did and that allowed them the opportunity to provide us with their thoughts on the album.  Most liked it while some were rather disappointed in the song selection.  Read more to see what ‘real people’ (and not critics) had to say about the CD.

Randy Houser's "Anything Goes" is a whole lot of country.  I think we have a new country star on the rise.  Randy Houser's amazing vocals are comparable to Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn, one of country music's hottest duos.  From rocking it out to slow and steady this album is pure country.  There are some great tunes that could be future chart toppers.  This album hits everything that life hands you from lying, leaving, loving and losing.
I was greatly entertained by each song on this album.  Some of my favorite songs besides his latest single "Anything Goes" were the rocking ones "Boots On", "Wild Wild West" and "That's my Kind of Country".  I also really enjoyed the smooth country/jazz sound of "How Many Times".  Then there were a couple that hit deep like "Back to God" and "I'll Sleep".  Overall I would definitely say that Randy Houser's "Anything Goes" is "My Kind of Country!"  - Melissa Wilbur (Schenectady, NY)
While “Anything Goes’” first song "Boots On" had me ejecting the CD to make sure a Brooks & Dunn CD hadn't slipped in by mistake, Randy's uniqueness as an artist was instead revealed in his vocal performances on the slower, more traditional songs on this album that shine like diamonds mixed in with the rockin country rhinestones. Songs such as the title track, "Something Real", "Lie", "How Many Times" and "I'll Sleep" are completely satisfying in their musical structure and vocal delivery and in many ways remind me of Blake Shelton at his traditional country best. Randy's vocal power adds real emotion and depth to the lyrics in the best country tradition when the tempo slows down and the pounding drums and screaming electric guitars have faded away.
So what Randy has wound up with is an undeniably high quality yet schizophrenic album with two distinct but somewhat incompatible personalities. There is the "rockin' commercial country Randy" and also the "soulful traditional country Randy" coexisting a bit uneasily on this album.  –Rick Koenig (Torrance, CA).

After hearing Randy Houser's debut single "Anything Goes" I expected a very traditional country record. Instead, on his debut album we find Houser bringing us a blend of traditional country and (modern) country-rock. The album opens with "Boots On," a rocker that is fun and has a good flow but is nothing earth shattering. Houser then changes pace following this song up with "Anything Goes," which is one of the best country singles of this year. On this song his vocals truly do resemble Ronnie Dunn's. Highlights of the album include the catchy "Wild Wild West," the humorous "Lie" (about how to pick-up girls), and "Something Real." Unfortunately, much of the rest of the album blends together. We've heard songs like "My Kind of Country," and "Paycheck Man" many times before. However, overall Houser has put out a very promising debut that has much more good than bad. – Dylan Peterson (Seattle, WA)

While I expected the album to contain more songs like “Anything Goes” than it does, I wasn’t surprised that the album featured fun, rockin’ songs like “Boots On” and “My Kind of Country.”  The album has a good blend of slow, radio-friendly songs like “Lie” and “Something Real” and at other times there are those rockin’ songs.  This is a fun CD and it really does show off the handsome Randy Houser and his powerful voice.  I hope that my local radio station will play more songs after (the current single) “Anything Goes” so that we get to hear more and more Randy Houser in the future.  – Carrie McGinness (Oakmont, PA)

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