Lyric Street announces new imprint Carolwood Records

Disney today announced a new Nashville-based record label that would partner with Lyric Street Records. While no details were provided on who they would launch with, it is always fun to speculate.  Would they launch with an iconic superstar who's currently a free agent?

It's always interesting when a successful record label launches another record label and that's exactly what has happened when Lyric Street Records announced today that they've created a second label Imprint in Carolwood Records.  While no artist announcements were made, it's fun to speculate what the label will do. 

Disney has shut down the Lyric Street website and announced a new website is coming soon.  While Carolwood is likely to be a country label, it's possible that it will also have a presence in the Christian market.  Carolwood Records, like Lyric Street in that its named after a street where Walt Disney lived on.  The only news I've seen about the label is that they'll launch with an established artist and a new single shortly. 

This is where the speculation gets fun.  While all of the rumors about Big Machine Records partnering with Reba (those rumors make sense), what if the Mouse House offered Reba the title of Flagship artist for Carolwood and with that some sort of partnership with Disney for a new TV show, one that might actually draw in the whole family? 

Perhals Carolwood Records could be the new home for Phil Stacey.  The label certainly could use him as both a country and Christian artist.  While all previously known members of the Lyric Street team are on an industry only website, Stacey is conspicuously absent from it.  So, I would bet that he's with Carolwood and unless they're signing Reba, he's their 'known' artist.  If he's not with the label then they've decided to part ways, which would be surprising given the labels ability to get Josh Gracin and Bucky Covington up the charts after their American Idol runs.

I am also betting that some other Lyric Street artists like Trent Tomlinson, Sarah Buxton and Marcel will be moving over to Carolwood Records.  The fourth quarter in country music is always interesting but launching a label like Carolwood now will only add to the fun of the season.