Sarah Buxton - Space

Sarah Buxton and her record label Lyric Street Records have tried, in the past couple of years, to break her at radio. With her fresh lyrics and unique voice, it seemingly was only a matter of finding the right song.  "Space" feels like it could be that song.

To most country music fans, Sarah Buxton is an unknown quantity.  Anyone that reads liner notes will have noticed her as a co-writer, with Dave Berg, of Keith Urban’s hit single “Stupid Boy.”  Now, she’s back a new single written with Lari White and Chuck Cannon.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner said they feel suffocated and just wanted some ‘space?’ Ever not understood what that meant? Then you will certainly relate to “Space.”  It’s a song that finds Sarah singing to a boyfriend who feels the world closing in due to his fear of commitment and the speed at which the relationship is progressing along.  He’s a man who can’t convey his true feelings so he says the short and hurtful way to break-up: “I need space.”

Sarah Buxton has scored a couple of previous Top 40 hit singles on her own but “Space” is by far the best thing she’s released to radio yet.  It’s a song that both men and women can relate to and one that is sure to finally break this uniquely voiced singer/songwriter at radio.