James Otto - These Are The Good Old Days

With the success of "Just Got Started Loving You," currently the most played single of 2008, James Otto and WB Records were bound to run into difficulties with the follow-up single, "For You." After deciding to punt that single, will radio take to this one?

The lack of radio success for James Otto’s “For You” was a surprise but given the fact that “Just Got Started Loving You” is on pace to be the most-played single of 2008, there was going to be an uphill clinb for radio relevance, with the first hit still very much in rotation at many stations.   After 17 weeks, the label has decided to punt that single and now has offered up “These Are The Good Ole Days.”  

Written with fellow Muzik Mafia member Shannon Lawson, “These Are The Good Ole Days” finds James singing about how everything always seems better in the past than it is right now. Rather than live life that way anymore, Otto chooses to enjoy the life that he has now, in this moment.  Producer John Rich is often cited for ‘overproducing’ but he actually has surrounded Otto with the right amount of instrumentation to push this groovy track along.   James Otto has the strong vocals and the writing on this song actually tells a good story.  That’s a combination that surely should find him climbing up the charts again.