Gary Allan - She's So California

Gary Allan continues to walk a path that straddles mainstream country and the rootsier sounds of bakersfield's country audiences.  this is the third single from his rock influenced "Living Hard" album.  With that edge, does it stand up well against Gary's older songs?

If anybody knows California, Gary Allan, a native of the state, would. After we've gotten to know Georgia peaches and Louisiana ladies, why not go west to appreciate the other variety. The song chronicles the relationship with a progressive woman, who favors a nomadic lifestyle, and presumably drags her man along for the dusty ride. The big chorus with fiddle-play is the best part of the song. Comparing women to states can get you in trouble in a relationship. It works just a shave better in a song, as this metaphor goes a bit over-extended, and the storyline is as vast and dynamic as the state that inspired it.