Tim McGraw - Greatest Hits: Limited Edition

Curb Records decided to release Tim McGraw's first two Greatest Hits collections in one low-priced set.  Priced at 15 dollars or less, the two-disc set covers the first 12 years of his career. However, is it still a good value?

Tim McGraw has had quite a charmed career since “Indian Outlaw” became his first hit in 1994.  In the last fourteen years the artist has scored 42 Top 10 hits, of those hits, 23 of them have topped the charts.  He’s sold well over 30 million albums and has scored numerous awards.  Yet, when it comes to Greatest Hits packages, the label has always curiously packaged them.  “Greatest Hits” came out in 2000 when the label suddenly pushed back Tim’s “Set This Circus Down.” Rather than include a new single or two on the collection the label licensed “Let’s Make Love” from Faith Hill’s “Breathe” album and collected 14 other hits from Tim’s first four albums.  As far as hit-packed collections go, “Greatest Hits” is chock full-o-hits.  

Hits from his first six years at the top of the charts are covered here, from “Indian Outlaw” to “My Next Thirty Years,” which was Tim’s big hit at the time of this album’s release.  Other standout tracks on the album include “Please Remember Me,” “Don’t Take The Girl,” “It’s Your Love,” and “Where The Green Grass Grows.”  

Six years after that album, Tim participated in the creation of Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2” and because of that, it did include four new tracks, two of which would go on to be Top 10 hits.  Tim’s smash hit “Live Like You Were Dying,”  “Like We Never Loved At All,” the 2005 duet from Faith Hill’s “Fireflies” album, “The Cowboy In Me,” to this date probably one of Tim’s best songs, and “Everywhere” are included.  Of the new tracks, tim’s cover of Ryan Adams’ “When The Stars Go Blue” was well received as was his single “My Little Girl,” a song also featured on the “FLICKA” soundtrack.   

“Real Good Man,” “Grown Men Don’t Cry,” “Watch The Wind Blow By” and “Not A Moment Too Soon” are four more tracks that are featured on Tim’s second Greatest Hits collection.  While both greatest hits collections are still sold separately for about 10 bucks a piece, Curb Records recently packaged the two discs together and sold them for the price of one album.  It’s a strategy that found the albums topping the country charts together as “Tim McGraw:Greatest Hits (Limited Edition).”  For around twelve to fifteen bucks, this two-disc collection can be purchased.  It makes for a great primer into Tim’s stills-strong career (which has just been chronicled, already, by “Greatest Hits, Vol. 3”) for people who haven’t yet gotten any of the older albums.  While I generally dislike when labels re-issue their product over and over again, this is one case where it makes sense and represents a good value (which the new hits disc doesn’t really do all that well).