Adam Gregory - What It Takes

After experiencing mild success with "Crazy Days," Adam Gregory returns to the singles charts with an impressive new single that is the first song to be released under NSA/Midas Records' new partnership with Big Machine Records.  Does the song have enough to stand out at country radio?

Adam Gregory may be a household name in Canada but as the title of his second stateside single suggests, he’s still proving he's got "What it Takes" to be a star here.  "Crazy Days" was a fun slice of summer and "What It Takes" showcases Adam doing what he does best, singing ballads.  With an emotional, grit-laced vocal, Gregory sings about wanting to be the man in his woman's life and he'll do anything that is required"

"What you want, what you need, there ain't nothing I want to know because all I want, what I need, is just you, here with me, baby let me know, so I can do what it takes to be your man." 

Although the song doesn't say much of anything new, the passionate vocal, ear-catching melody and chorus should all add up to make this song a potentially big hit with country radio, giving Adam's labels No Strings Attached/Midas/Big Machine Records "What It Needs" to release his first USA album in early 2009.

"What It Takes" was written by Adam Gregory, Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Joe Leathers and Greg Crowe.