Sebastian Bach - Battle With The Bottle

While Gone Country 2 featured a batch of better songs than the first cycle of the CMT reality show, the winners were always going to find a tough audience with country music.  Will Sebastian Bach receive a better reception from fans than Julio Iglesias, Jr? Or will they quickly for

Sebastian Bach is a big ole rock star who recently appeared on the CMT show "Gone Country 2" and unlike the first cycle's winner, Julio Iglesias, Jr., Bach has, with Jeffrey Steele and Vicky McGeehee, written a very good song. While this song has no real chance of being a country radio hit due to Bach's vocal being ho-hum, the song itself is a really good one (as was Jermaine Jackson's).  Bach has the voice to sell the song but he just sounds like he's mailing it in on this recording.  So, while I like the lyric of the song I just don't find all that much redeeming about this recording of it.  Give this song to a country vocalist like Trace Adkins, Billy Ray Cyrus or James Otto and you'd have a hit.