Lucinda Williams - Little Honey

A critical darling, Lucinda Williams has practically owned the female 'alt-country' market for the last decade.  "Little Honey" finds Lucinda singing about how true love has altered her life.

Between her 1979 debut and her breakthrough release of 1998, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road", Lucinda Williams released only five albums. She's now equaled that output in just this decade as "Little Honey" is her latest release.  One of the best songwriters of her generation, Lucinda Williams is known as the kind of songwriter who revels in despair and unrequited love.  So it's odd to listen to an album full of genuine love songs.  As with all of her albums, "Little Honey" finds Lucinda deftly running through multiple genres; From the shimmering pop opener "Real Love," to the bluesy "Tears of Joy;" From the greasy rock of "Honey Bee," to the folksy "Little Rock Star."  There's also a healthy dose of country on the record.  "Plan To Marry," "Jailhouse Tears" and "If Wishes Were Horses" all have the alt-country vibe to the record.  The duet "Jailhouse Tears," which features Elvis Costello, is a fun, wry little number and it certainly stands out on this record. 

While "Little Honey" isn't the most compelling of Lucinda Williams records, it's still a very good album and one that will satisfy her long-time fans but it isn't the best starting point for new fans.