Richie McDonald - How Do I Just Stop

Former Lonestar lead vocalist Richie McDonald has released his debut single as a solo artist.  With a sound that recalls lonestar's biggest hits, the song certainly finds McDonald in fine voice.  The biggest question is whether fans and radio want him back enough to make the song a hit.

After leaving Lonestar, Richie McDonald promised to continue his career as a solo artist.  He originally did so with a Wal-Mart distributed Christian record and now he's back at country radio with "How Do I Just Stop."  The production is clearly like the stuff Lonestar did towards the end of Richie's tenure and why the band wanted to break from Richie as much as he wanted to break from them.  The orchestra in the background does help to set the dark mood of the lyric but I don't know if Radio really needs more of these "How do I get over you" songs. 

Fans of Lonestar and Richie will likely enjoy the track and radio (including AC stations) will probably make this song a hit but does that mean it should be one?