Jason Michael Carroll - Where I'm From

With 3 successful singles under his belt, Jason Michael Carroll he debut single from his upcoming 2009 release.  "Where I'M From" is another in a long line of 'from the country and I love it' songs.  While His voice is good, is it enough for the song to rise past similar songs?

Jason Michael Carroll scored three sizeable hits from his debut CD and “Where I’m From” is the first single from his new record and despite a strong vocal, the song cannot be saved from the lazy, clichéd lyrics that have bogged down many singles over the years.  In the first verse we here of a guy’s happy upgrade to first class and while talking to a frequent first-class flier, Jason decides to describe, in laundry-list form, his hometown.  In the second verse we learn that Jason’s flying to LA to get his cancer stricken, soon to die brother. The third verse has the Armani-wearing guy saying that he’s not always been the big successful dude but was once the small-town QB who married the homecoming queen.

It’s just all too Disney for me.  While I don’t mind a song like this every now and again, it is a bit tiresome to hear them from time to time. Despite my own thoughts, this song will likely be another hit for Jason Michael Carroll and perhaps, over time, it will grow on me.  It’s not a bad song; it’s just not a great one.