Jeremy McComb - Cold (single)

Many songs that get released to country radio of late have a 'sameness' to them that has the listener not knowing who they're listening to.  "Cold" is a song that's not like that.  It features an interesting lyric and melody.  But will it be enough to make the song a hit?

Now, here's an interesting song.  In a sea of sameness comes a ballad which details the difficulties that people sometimes have in getting over a relationship.  Instead of repeating overly cliché’d lyrics about sitting at a bar drowning his sorrows away, McComb sings about feeling numb, or "Cold" about the way that the relationship ended. He's in a constant state of coldness and somehow feels lost and souless without the woman. Vocally, McComb shines as he showcases a slinky voice that emotes the lyric over a piano and steel guitar driven melody. 

In the end, what makes the song work is McCombs vocal and the production that doesn't overshadow the lyrics.  Instead of placing lots of cascading strings (which numerous labels would be inclined to do), they let the melody of the lyrics drive the song home. While McComb is on an independent label, "Cold" is the kind of song Country Radio needs.


Go to Jeremy's myspace to purcase the album/song and to listen to more tunes.